TGOG is a registered Non Profit Company who helps vulnerable children in local communities and in Children’s Homes. We support families with children and provide them with food and necessary clothing if needed.

What We Do

At the moment TGOG is looking after 14 families in the Carletonville area. These are families with  3-4 children each. In some cases the father/mother has not got a job and cannot provide food for their children. And that is when TGOG step in. We visit the homes, do a survey to establish what help they need, and if they do need our help.

To provide necessary food for these families, it cost TGOG R300 per week, per family to provide them with food. Food deliveries are made on a weekly basis.

Our story

Santa Cause was founded in 2009 by Andre Sharpe, Erika Nefdt and Annelie Botha. It started as a small Christmas Party for orphaned children and vulnerable children in children’s homes. For the past 3 years we threw the ultimate Christmas Party for these children.  We have noticed that these children need more than just a Christmas party and we decided to help children like these right through the year. In the beginning of 2013 we were registered as TGOG—The Gift of Giving. Now we help children on a weekly basis with food and clothing.